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Mallet’s Project Managers demonstrate our company’s brand and values. The Project Manager will provide leadership and accountability for a success project delivery. This will include management and oversight for all phases of the project from preconstruction through, construction, handover and building operations.

Desired Qualifications

• 4+ years’ experience in the construction industry
• Bachelor’s degree in construction management or equivalent combination of education or experience
• Expertise in Microsoft Office, MSFT Project, and Procore
• Excellent time management skills
• Strong knowledge and understanding of all aspects of commercial construction


The Site Superintendent is responsible for the direct daily supervision of construction activities on a project and is as a critical part of the project team working to ensure that the project is built on time, on budget, safely, and of high quality. The Site Superintendent is expected to use clear communication to establish and maintain relationships with clients, employees, design professionals, building officials, and vendors.

Desired Qualifications

• Job-site safety, documentation and reporting
• Plan and execute all jobsite goals based on existing site conditions.
• Create and manage resources via construction schedules in MSFT Project.
• Creative, timely and cost-effective problem solving.
• Provide input on cost savings methods in preconstruction and construction.
• Manage subcontractors and suppliers and ensuring timely installation and delivery of all items.
• Produce clear, meaningful RFI's, daily reports, and site-specific paperwork
• Review and edit submittals and shop drawings for accuracy and compliance with drawings and specifications
• Promote company to clients through client interactions and networking
• Ensure all work in place meets or exceeds industry and Mallet expectations.


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