Successful projects require complex teams of people to complete. Owners, Architects, Designers, Engineers, Craftspeople, Trades-people, Accountants, Project-Managers, and Landlords are commonly all involved in the outcome of a project. The Traditional method of Design-Bid-Build Delivery does not provide the decision-making team with the right level of information at the appropriate time to make value-based decisions to achieve the best possible outcomes. Design work is done ahead of understanding cost and constructability information critical to the project, making costly design re-work necessary and extending the project schedule.

The Design-Build delivery model is the better project delivery method. Single point accountability means that agreed upon owner generated project goals form the organizational compass for the entire team. Early cost assessments and constructability information from the entire project team allow for better decisions to be made earlier in the project, overlapping design and estimating processes shorten project timelines, improve control and reduce wasted time and money associated with re-work.

Design Build is faster, more collaborative, more focused on project goal achievements and easier for the owner to navigate.

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  • Single-Point Accountability for project success

  • Integrated team onboarding global project goals defined by the owner & project team

  • Early accurate cost + constructability information is shared

  • Overlapping Design + Pre-construction timelines shorten schedules

Tradional Delivery.png
  • Design + construction timelines do not overlap

  • Cost + constructability information is not shared effectively during the critical design process leading to uninformed decision making

  • Project issues result in finger-pointing between Architects and Contractors

  • Project schedules are extended

  • = Both time & money wasted

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